The Universality of Music

Hi guys! So it’s been a long while since I last made a post here. Some of you asked me why I hadn’t been active with my blog recently and I don’t really have any definite reason, it’s just that this semester flew by without much realisation. The fest season, various commitments, a whirlwind crush, […]

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A Semester To Remember.

I probably shouldn’t be writing this post in this moment of time with exams coming around in T-minus 4 days. But it would be an absolute shame and very unjust to not devote a few paragraphs of my writing (you have to write a hell lot in Political Science) to recapturing an amazing first semester […]

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Hello Guys.

As I start writing this, it’s almost 3 am in the night. I don’t know why, but most of my ideas come to my head in-and-around the devil’s hour. It’s almost like I have this permanent writer’s block throughout the day. I’m not that great a writer or have a spectacular vocabulary gamut (yep, that’s […]

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